August 2011 Patents

Rory Smith of El Cajon, California and Richard Peters of Great Kingshill, the U.K., have assigned to Thyssenkrupp Elevator Capital Corp. U.S. of Troy, Michigan Patent No. dated 7,975,808, dated July 12, 2011.

One version of this disclosure includes a system for assigning an elevator car to respond to a call signal wherein a controller is responsible for determining which elevator car will respond to a call signal. This version includes the controller receiving a hall call signal, receiving information regarding the elevator system, determining whether the call assignment can be made in view of a first rule associated with a banned call assignment, and eliminating the rule against banned call assignments when necessary to avoid saturation of the elevator system.

Goldino Alves and Xiaodong Luo of South Windsor, Ary Mello and Paul von Hardenberg of Farmington, Bill Perron of Bristol, Mark Marler of Glastonbury, John Pitts of Avon and Randy Roberts of Hebron, all of Connecticut, Hugh O'Donnell of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and Hubert E. Goeser of Dannenberg and Christoph Bederna of Fuhrenweg, both of Germany, have assigned to Otis Elevator Co. of Farmington, Connecticut and ContiTech Antribssysteme GmbH of Germany U.S. Patent No. dated 7,971,687, dated July 5, 2011.

An elevator load bearing assembly includes a plurality of cords within a jacket. The jacket has a plurality of grooves spaced along the length of the belt assembly. Each groove has a plurality of portions aligned at an oblique angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the belt. In one example, the grooves are separated such that there is no longitudinal overlap between adjacent grooves. In another example, transitions between the obliquely aligned portions are at different longitudinal positions on the belt. Another example includes a combination of the different longitudinal positions and the non-overlapping groove placement.

Karapet Ablabutyan of Glendale and Akop Gasparian of Panorama, both of California, have assigned to Maxon Lift Corp. of Santa Fe Springs, California U.S. Patent No. 7,963,739, dated June 21, 2011.

A lift having a platform with a substantially level ride is described. The lift also reduces the distance between the ground and the platform in the ground position. An extension plate having receiving portions for accommodating portions of the lift when the platform is in a bed level position.

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