“Welcome to Elevator World”

“Welcome to Elevator World.” So opens Mitchell Rose’s 1999 “computer-animated essay on the spatial politics of elevator riding.” In 2000, it won the Grand Prize for Best Short at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

You can see more of Rose’s films at his website, www.mitchellrose.com.

11 Highly Anticipated Skyscrapers

Architectural Digest recently produced an online gallery of the most anticipated tall buildings around the world.  Spanning from Vietnam to New York – from busting cities to the middle of the Alps – these unique and modern marvels will definitely be something to see.  The most important thing is that they will all need vertical transportation, and I am sure someone reading this blog can certainly help.  Enjoy the gallery.


A Ghost in the Machine?

Luis Zwiebach and his team received an emergency call to check out a stuck elevator. Was there a ghost in the machine? If Rene Descartes were an elevator technician, he might have said yes. British philosopher Gilbert Ryle would have chided him, “No way, Descartes; maybe it’s your famous evil demon!” Continue reading